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Container Gardens


Container gardening is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy growing plants in small areas or as architectural accents. These small gardens are an elegant way to enhance a door, entryway, path, terrace, deck, railing or window.  Container plantings are mobile and easy to renew or change.

With good planning, containers can add interest to your garden throughout the seasons.The possible plant combinations are limited only by your imagination! Let me help you to create an arrangement that fits your desired colors, size and shape. I can use perennials, annuals or a combination of both. This may include shrubs, topiary, climbing vines, grasses, anything goes! I can use your container or we can select a new shape and size to fit your space. I will show you how to maintain your planter throughout the season to keep it healthy and fresh, or, if you just don’t have a “green thumb” I can provide this service.

I have also created a unique way to enhance a railing on your balcony or deck using my custom made railing planter holder that uses no nails or screws. This system can be painted to match your deck or balcony. Unfinished, the cost to fabricate is $10.00 per linear foot. After installation, simply insert trays of flowers and voila! A beautiful garden! (See my posted pictures)  I can also design and plant the inserts.

Landscape services


Maybe you just need someone to help with seasonal clean up to get you started, such as Spring debris removal, pruning, mulching, planting your annuals or adding a new perennial.  Or maybe you just need help in the Fall with clean up, cutting back perennials or planting fall bulbs.

This service is available for small or specific areas.

Please call or send me an email for a free consultation.

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